Business Studies Class 12 CBSE question bank 2024 by Mastermind Blueprint master mind sample paper

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The Business Studies Class 12 CBSE question bank by Mastermind is the perfect resource for students who want to ace their exams. The book is packed with 1800+ questions, including MCQs, case studies, and essay questions. The questions are all strictly as per the latest CBSE Board Syllabus, and include the latest solved typologies of competency based questions for 2024 examinations.

The book also includes chapterwise summaries, knowledge boosters, and practice questions. The chapter summaries provide a quick overview of the key concepts in each chapter, while the knowledge boosters offer tips and tricks to help students master the material. The practice questions give students a chance to test their knowledge and identify areas where they need more practice.

In addition to the text, the book also includes chapterwise video lectures. These lectures can be accessed online, and they provide a great way for students to learn the concepts in more detail.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned student, the Business Studies Class 12 CBSE question bank by Mastermind is the perfect resource to help you succeed in your exams.

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