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Rohit Vaidwan Director, Adhyayan Mantra Rohit Vaidwan, a versatile man who has so many titles to his credit, a writer, a researcher and above all an educator. The profession of teaching following his passion that leads his way to the hearts of so many aspirants in the field of education. A humble person, who is keeping him back in the endeavours that he takes, paves the way to his successes by mere transforming the challenges into opportunities. Following his resilient and relentless nature, he always stood in the face of adversities by defying his limitations that helped him gain intensive knowledge by mastering his skills and acquire expertise in whatever he does. His writings are the reflection of his inner wisdom that helps him formulate his works. His journey of writing books started back in 2013 with “CTET MASTER” and till date he has authored 25 books for teaching exams including MCQ’s & PYQ’s with discussion. He has been guiding the aspirants for the last 10 years. He is a fabulous mentor of Psychology and Teaching Methodology.