Pharmacology for Dentistry Paperback ELSEVIER BY Tara V Shaunbhag


  • This edition of the book is thoroughly revised in accordance with the syllabus of Pharmacology for Undergraduate Dental Students recommended by the Dental Council of India. Following recent developments and advances in Pharmacology, the book provides factual, conceptual and applied aspects of the subject. The book will also be useful for practicing Dentists and Pharmacy students. 
    •  Salient Features
      • Thoroughly updated topics on dental pharmacology, antiretroviral drugs, antitubercular drugs, autonomic nervous system
      • Addition of new diagrams, flowcharts and tables, and revision in earlier diagrams
      • Easy to understand, systematic presentation of information relevant from examination point of view – both theory and practical
      • Key Points for Dentists wherever relevant, stimulates enthusiasm for subject


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