Saraswati Manak Hindi Vyakaran Evam Rachana For Class 9 and 10: Educational Book Perfect Paperback – Hindi Edition by Kamal Sathyarthe (Author), Ravi Prakash Gupt (Author), Dipti Prakash (Author)


This Educational textbook of Manak Hindi Vyakaran Evam Rachana will help the students of class 9 and 10 to have a better understanding of the Hindi language. It has been designed for the course ‘A’ of Secondary School Examination and has been created with the effort to put every content as simply as possible for the students to have a grasp of the same. Published by New Saraswati House (India) Pvt. Ltd, it strictly follows the guidelines and syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This book has been co-authored by Kamal Sathyarthe, Ravi Prakash Gupt, and Dipti Prakash, who are experts in this field.

Salient Features of the Textbook
• Modern and contemplative topics for writing.
• ‘Point To Be Noted’ as the essence of the chapter.
• Emphasis is given on listening, reading and contemplation for the development of oral expression.
• Importance of practical application of Hindi grammar.
• A new set of examples are provided.

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