T.S. Grewal’s Double Entry Book Keeping : Financial Accounting Textbook for CBSE 11


Salient Features of the book are: 1) GST—principles and concepts—along with its effect on recording of transactions discussed, making the concept clear and understandable

2) class-tested and well-graded material

3) simple and lucid textual flow

4) necessary content to impart a sound theoretical and conceptual base

5) ample illustrations, diagrams, formats and tables for better understanding of the subject

6) objective type questions/multiple choice questions (MCQs) and Short Answer questions at chapter-end and, also, as a collage towards the end of the book, thus meeting the 2020–21 syllabus requirements.

7) case-based/Source-Based integrated questions

8) missing value questions

9) higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions and very Short Answer Type questions along with their answers in each Chapter

10) weightage to each topic according to the marks and periods allotted by the CBSE 11) Project work.

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