Xam Idea Social Science – Class 10- CBSE (2021-22) Paperback


The notable aspects of the book are as follows: the book is divided into four subjects – history, Geography, Political Science and economics. Each br>Chapter begins with a flow Chart explaining the basic concepts. All chapters consist of NCERT Solutions in a separate section ‘NCERT corner’. objective type questions include – multiple choice questions fill in the blanks True and false sequencing questions correct and rewrite questions Assertion-Reason questions source based Questions Very Short, short and Long Answer Questions based on latest CBSE guidelines. Hots (high Order Thinking Skills) are given to think creatively, critically and innovatively. Evaluate yourself through self-assessment Test given at the end of every br>Chapter to enhance your learning process. Three Periodic Test comprise of pen Paper test and multiple assessments, which are given as part of the internal Assessment. Five model Test papers (Solved and unsolved) are provided for practice for final examination.”.

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