ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF EYE 3ED (Modern System of Ophthalmology+Theory and Practice of Optics & Refraction(Set of 2 books)


ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF EYE 3ED (MSO SERIES) (HB 2019) (Modern System of Ophthalmology (MSO) Series)Anatomy and physiology of eye 3ed (MSO series) (hb 2019)latest available information and guidelines are incorporated. Easy to understand and thorough content.Theory and Practice of Optics & RefractionTheory and Practice of Optics and Refraction in its fourth edition continues to be a part of Modern System of Ophthalmology (MSO) Series. Without altering the basic text and layout, each chapter in this edition has been thoroughly revised to keep abreast with newer concepts and principles of optics and refraction involved in investigative as well as treatment modalities evolved over the period of time. Salient Features: Provides information on basic principles of optics, refraction and optical instruments to the residents in ophthalmology as well as students of Optometry and Orthopedics. Text is organized in an attractive four-color format to make understanding, retention and reproducibility of facts easy. Includes newer concepts in refractive surgery like All Femtosecond Laser Surgery (ReLEx) and Corneal Inlay for Presbyopia including Presbyopic Allogenic Refractive Lenticule (PEARL). Incorporates topics on Advances in Aberrometry, Wavefront Technology, Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (AS-OCT), Enhanced Depth OCT, Confocal Microscopy of Cornea and Anterior Segment Ultrasound Biomicroscopy. Role of Smartphones in ophthalmology has been discussed in detail. Comprises chapter on Clinical Refraction refurbished effectively and text on Corneal Topography expanded with essential newer developments.