Arihant All In One Science Class 6th Based On Latest NCERT For CBSE Exams 2025

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✍ The entire book is segregated in 11 chapters

✍ Chapter Intro: A quick information about the coverage of the chapter
✍ Science insight: Additional but informative matter related to given concept
✍ Boxed Matter: Information given in the boxes is related to the explanation of daily life
phenomena related to the concept given
✍ Try These: A set of 3-5 questions given in between text
✍ Illustrative Figures, Science glossary to list important scientific terms used in the chapter with
defination, and let’s investigate section with scientific activity at the end of the chapter
✍ NCERT Folder: Coverage of questions of NCERT Textbook (Intext & Exercise) with their detailed
✍ Review Exercise: Covers all types of questions like Extract Based Questions, Very Short Answer,
etc. for practice
✍ Assessment Exercise: At the end of the chapter, there are unsolved questions for practice and
assessment of students
✍ Questions based on elements/ skills given in NEP 2020 with detailed Explanations
✍ 3 Sample Question Papers at the end of the book
✍ The best-selling series, all-new and revised as per recommendations of NEP 2020
✍ Offers Mind Map for complete study and Competency based questions for practice
✍ Presents the entire NCERT Textbook in a logical and accessible manner

Components of Food, Sorting Materials into Groups, Separation of Substances, Getting to know plants,
Body Movements, The living Organisms: Characteristics and Habitats, Motion and Measurement of
Distances, Light, Shadows and Reflections, Electricity and Circuits, Fun With Magnets, Air Around Us,
Explanations of Skill Based Questions, Sample Question Papers (1-5)

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