Arihant MASTER THE NCERT For NEET/ JEE CHEMISTRY Volume-1 by Harsh Kumar Dr. Narendra Jha , Swati Chauhan (Author)

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After rationalization of NCERT syllabus in competitive exams like NEET, JEE and their sync with different state boards, the need of dual synchronous preparation is increasing day by day. To cater to this need, Arihant’s MASTER THE NCERT series is framed, developed, and now revised to serve as a complete resource for gripping NCERT with learning, practice and assessment tools. The present book of Chemistry volume I for NEET/ JEE is a revised and amplified edition, presenting the entire syllabus of class XI in a systematic manner. With line by line NCERT coverage, each chapter begins with a meticulous 3 Level Chapter Analysis, followed by NEET Key Notes, offering exclusive features such as NEET PYQ markings, Marks Maximizer, Mnemonics, Caution Points, and PYQ notes. Along with that,

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