CBSE All In One English Core Class 12 for 2025 Exam Paperback -Arihant Product

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  • The entire book is segregated into 4 Sections
  • Sample Question Papers (1-3)
  • CBSE Examination Paper 2024
  • Latest CBSE Sample Paper


  • Chapter Summary: In each chapter summary is explained in simple & easy to understand language
  • Word Meaning: Difficult words are given along with their meaning
  • Formats in Writing Section: Standard format has been given to learn proper format of each writing task
  • NCERT Folder: Coverage of questions of NCERT Textbook (Intext & Exercise) with their detailed answer
  • Exam Practice: Covers all types of questions like Extract Based Questions, Very Short Answer, etc. for practice
  • Self-Assessment: At the end of the chapter, there are unsolved questions for practice and assessment of students
  • CBSE Examination Paper 2024, 3 Sample Question Papers & Latest CBSE Sample Paper: Based on the probable exam pattern at the end of the book


  • The best-selling series, all-new and revised as per the CBSE syllabus
  • Offers Mind Maps for complete study and Competency Based questions for practice
  • Presents the entire NCERT Textbook in a logical and accessible manner, enabling students to fully focus on their studies


Section A: Reading, Section B: Creative Writing Skills, Section C: Literature Textbooks, Section D: Supplementary, CBSE Examination Paper 2024, Latest CBSE Sample Paper, Sample Question Papers (1-3)