Chemistry Textbook Part – 1 for Class – 11 NCERT Publications


This textbook of Chemistry has been designed with the aim to explore the significance of the philosophy of chemistry and also recommends strategies that simplify the learning process so that the aspirants have a better conceptual understanding of different scientific processes. This edition is based on the latest syllabus outlined by NCERT and will be of great help for the candidates to brush up their concepts on the topics that are included in the examination of Class XI. This book also features clear and detailed illustrations that help the students to get a hold of the basic content of the chemistry syllabus that one has to prepare for the final examination.

Topics Covered in this Textbook

• Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

• Structure of Atom

• Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

• Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

• States of Matter

• Thermodynamics

• Equilibrium

Salient Features of this Book

• Problems with Solutions are explained in the simplest way for the benefit of the students.

• Each chapter is divided into several subsections and explained in a topic-wise manner to help the students have a better understanding of the same.

• Each chapter contains questions at the end.

• The unsolved exercises along with multiple choice questions (MCQ) of this textbook help the students to evaluate their knowledge of every topic.

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