CRACK THE ENTRANCE-A prepatory manual foe MCQ in Homeopathy for UPSC and MD examinations

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This complete book with its new approach of text information is of immense help to the students of homoeopathy at all levels. The compilation is great and in a very logical and schematic form. “Tips from boericke” is of great importance. this book not only enables its readers to crack the entrance examinations, but it itself has cracked the old traditional format of all MCQ books published so far.’

Dr. Gautam Pal
Lecturer, National Institute of Homoeopathy

‘The Book “Crack the Entrance” is a must for those who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance and various other competitive examinations. It will also prove valuable for the students in their Materia Medicaviva examinations. I convey my best wishes to the authors for the success of their book.’
Dr. Aloke Kumar Ghosh
Homoeo Medical Officer, Kerala Government Service

‘What makes this book unique is the study material section which contains a number of chapters of unparalleled quality which are worth reading even for experienced professors of homoeopathic materia medica. This book is a real boon for all the students of homoeopathy and I am sure that this will set a new benchmark for all similar books to be published in the future.

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