History Class 11 CBSE (2021-22)

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Full Marks History–11 has been prepared as per the latest syllabus issued by the CBSE. It provides complete support material based on NCERT textbooks—Themes in Indian History I, II, and III. It has been written in such a way that the students can easily master the method to answer confidently the different types of questions.
The strength of the book lies in the process that we have put in place while making it.
(a) Identifying the learning difficulties experienced by a large number of students struggling to perform satisfactorily in the examinations.
(b) Commissioning experienced writer who have been involved in teaching students who need support.
(c) Discussing and deciding on the ideal structure to present every concept in the course in a manner that can be easily understood by students.
(d) Focusing on presenting every concept in learner-friendly chunks so that the students may improve their skills step-by-step.
(e) Trials with students who are self-reliant learners because of non-availability of support in their home environment.
(f) Restructuring units on the basis of the trial results.

The way the units are structured is yet another great strength of the book.
(a) A brief introduction of the chapter, given at the starting of each lesson, sets the students on the right path to learning progress.
(b) NCERT Textbook Questions with answers present an ideal model for the students to follow, practise and score better marks.
(c) Additional Questions framed as per the latest CBSE Syllabus and Marking scheme have been added for the students to tackle all sorts of questions in the examination.
(d) HOTS and Value Based Questions as per the new CBSE Syllabus have also been added for the benefit of the students.
(e) Previous Years Board Questions with answers are incorporated at the end of every chapter. Full Marks History–12 is thus a complete, up-to-date, dependable and learner-friendly resource.

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