Lakhmir Singh’s Science 8 (for 2024 Exam) by Lakhmir Singh, Manjit Kaur


Lakhmir Singh’s Science is a series of books for Classes1 to 8 which conforms to the NCERT syllabus. CDs for these books are available on request. The main aim of writing this series is to help students understand difficult scientific concepts in a simple manner in easy language.

Key Features :

1. Simple and direct approach has been followed, sufficient for self-study.

2. A large number of pictures and sketches of various scientific processes, procedures, everyday situations of scientific principles

3. Learning Objectives gives a bird’s eye view of the topics covered in each chapter

4. Know More are fun facts which add interesting information to the content

5. Activity encourages learning by doing and develops observation, data collection, and inferential skills

6. Summary recapitulates the chapter in a point-wise manner

7. HOTS give challenging opportunities to students to help them develop analytical skills

8. Ample practice to reinforce and test the concepts in each chapter

9. Answers of various questions given, wherever required