Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning : For CLAT and Other Law Entrance Examinations, Celebrating 10 Successful years in guiding aspirants to crack CLAT … CLAT and Other Premier LLB Examinations by A. P. Bhardwaj (Author)Pearson


The ability to master ‘Legal Awareness’ and ‘Legal Reasoning’ sections is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of an aspirant in CLAT and other law entrance examinations. The 6th edition of this book, with a proven track record of 10 plus years, is an ideal resource to help aspirants irrespective of their educational background to crack these sections. It provides a detailed exposition of all the topics supported by an expansive array of pedagogy to help understand, retain and apply the concepts effectively. Coverage includes.
1. Legal Terms, Maxims and Quick Facts
2. Summary of Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning (LA&LR)
3. Civil Law, Criminal Law and Law of Torts
Features highlights
1. 36 New practice tests to enhance memory, master facts and latest updates
2. A complete new chapter with ‘Quick Facts’ for faster revision
3. Over 6000 MCQs for practice
4. 10 Mock tests – 2 in book, 8 Online

Table of Contents Unit I Legal Awareness
Chapter 1 Legal Awareness: An Introduction
Chapter 2 List of Legal Terms
Chapter 3 Constitutional Law
Chapter 4 Quick Facts – One Liners
Unit II Legal Reasoning
Chapter 5 Legal Reasoning: An Introduction
Chapter 6 Law of Torts
Chapter 7 Civil Law
Chapter 8 Criminal Law
Unit III Legal Theory and Public International Law
Chapter 9 Legal Theory and Legal Language
Practice Questions
Chapter 10 Public International Law – Practice Questions
Unit IV Mock Tests
Mock Test 1
Mock Test 2.

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