Mathematics Class- IX by M L Agarwal (Author) Arya Publishing Company(APC)


Salient Features of the book: to fulfil the requirements of the teachers and the students in the best manner possible, the matter has been divided into sections and sub-sections. Consequently, the students will be able to learn at their own pace. Various new concepts have been developed with the help of Class activity method. Questions in the form of fill in the blanks, True/False statements and multiple choice questions have been given. Multiple choice questions have been framed in a manner such that they holistically cover all the concepts covered in br>Chapter and also, prepare students for the competitive exams. In addition to normal questions, Some ‘higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)’ questions have been given to enhance the analytical thinking of the students. A ‘br>Chapter test’ Has been put in the end of each br>Chapter which serves as the brief revision of the entire br>Chapter the number of solved examples has been sufficiently increased to meet the needs of all categories of students. The book contains many solved examples and questions beyond NCERT book and NCERT Exemplar.

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