Science and Technology for Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations | 4th Edition Paperback – by Ravi P. Agrahari (Author) Tata McGrawHill(TMH)


Science and Technology is one of the most dynamic subjects in the UPSC examination. In recent years, UPSC is emphasising on dynamic cum analytical aspect of science and Technology. Keeping this in mind and aligned as per the examination trends, the fourth edition of science and Technology has been thoroughly revised to suit the needs of students appearing for UPSC Preliminary and Main examination. This book delves into important aspect of the examination In detail, providing aspirants with a ready-made amalgamation of basic concepts intertwined with recent developments in the various fields making it easier for students from non-science background to comprehend and retain.<Salient features:

1. All the recent developments related to the pandemic have been added in a separate section as ‘ corona diary’

2. Updated content on recent developments/current Affairs/government schemes related to science and Technology

3. Previous years’ Questions of UPSC Preliminary Examination have been added br>Chapter wise to understand the trend of the examination

4. Previous years’ Questions of UPSC main Examination (up to 2019) with the solutions have been provided in a separate section for practice

5. Practice Test Papers at the end for self-assessment

6. 2020 UPSC Preliminary Examination solutions and analysis</br>.

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