Textbook of Microbiology for Dental Students Paperback


In the book TEXTBOOK OF MICROBIOLOGY FOR DENTAL STUDENTS has been updated and all chapters have been extensively revise. Recent advancements have been incorporated in all the chapters. The chapter ‘Hand Hygiene’ has been modified by adding ‘Five moments’ of hand hygiene. Knowledge of ‘Hand Hygiene’ is of utmost importance to control hospital infection. This will help students to practise it during their clinical examination and other procedures. A new chapter ‘Essentials of Microbiology at a glance’ is incorporated to revise the important aspects of Microbiology in no time. This knowledge will be helpful to students in the examinations. New guidelines of ‘Biomedical Waste Management’ have been added for proper and appropriate disposal of biomedical waste to control hopsital infection. While revising the book, constructive suugestions from students and teachers were also taken into consideration.

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