Textbook Of Oral Medicine Paperback By Pramod John (Author)-A JAYPEE Product


The third edition of Textbook of Oral Medicine has been fully revised to provide students and trainees with the latest developments in the field. Beginning with history taking, clinical examination, terminology and imaging, each of the following chapters examines a different oral disease, providing step by step analysis of its etiology, clinical features, histopathology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Topics include common and more complex conditions, from halitosis, to tumors, salivary gland disorders and diseases of the maxillary sinus. This new edition includes new classifications and features self assessment tests at the end of each chapter to help trainees memorize key concepts. Numerous clinical photographs enhance learning. Key points *

Fully revised, new edition providing students and trainees with the latest developments in oral medicine * Step by step coverage of common and more complex conditions * Self assessment tests in each chapter * Previous edition published in 2008

  • Author Pramod John
  • Useful For Dental Students

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