The New Book of Mathematics (Vol 1 & 2) Class- XII Paperback – by M.L. Aggarwal (Author) AGARWAL

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Mathematics is a beautiful and interesting branch of study. However, many students unnecessarily have a phobia about it. My effort in this book has been to present the theory, examples and questions in a coherent and well-knit manner, not only encourage the students to learn and understand the subject but also provide an insight into its beauty. However, the students are advised not to read this book like a storybook-they should sit with a pencil and notepad, and whenever during theory or examples, we say, please do it!, it is necessary that the students do those steps. The entire matter is given in a logical sequence so as to develop and strengthen the concepts. Ultimately conceptual clarity is what is needed for success in any examination-be it CBSE or IIT JEE or any other competitive examination. In the present edition, brought out in two volumes- vol.I and vol.II, the number of solved examples has been sufficiently increased to meet the needs of all categories of students. I have been invited as a resource person in a number of workshops organised by various government agencies and my publishers. In these workshops I get opportunity to interact with the teachers. Many teachers gave a number of valuable suggestions. I also receive lot of letters and e-mails from teachers, parents and students -full of suggestions, criticisms and queries. Based on this feedback, the book has been thoroughly revised and a new feature-Illustrative Examples for objective type questions has been added. The questions of NCERT Exemplar Problems, Multiple Choice, very Short Answer, Short Answer and Long Answers Questions have been included. Assertion-Reason Type and Case-based/Source-based Questions are also included. I hope that teachers and students will be fully satisfied with this edition, and it will meet their needs and expectations.

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