Arihant CBSE Sample Paper Physics, Chemistry, Biology Class 12 (Set of 3 Books) For 2024 Exam COMBO


This boxset contains:

  • CBSE Exam 2024 I-Succeed 15 Sample Question Papers Physics Class 12th
  • CBSE Exams 2024 I-Succeed 15 Sample Question Papers Chemistry Class 12th
  • CBSE Exam 2024 I-Succeed 15 Sample Question Papers Biology Class 12th


Unique Features of these books are:

  • Based on the Latest CBSE Paper Pattern
  • Provides a Collection of Sample Papers in 4 major sections
  1. Section I: Knowledge Assessment Zone- Consists of Chapter-wise practice questions
  2. Section II: Preparation Assessment Zone– Contains latest CBSE Sample Paper & 2023 Exam Question Paper
  3. Section III: Proficiency Building Zone- Contains 15 Sample Papers in 3 stages
  • Stage I: Foundation Level (3 Sample Papers with Guided Answers),
  • Stage II: Proficiency Level (7 Sample Papers with Answers at the end of the paper),
  • Stage III: Excellence Level (5 Sample Papers without Answers)
  1. Section IV: Exam-Eve Special Zone– Contains Exam-Eve Revision & Practice
  • Designed to improve performance in a systematic manner

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