Essentials Of Clinical Periodontology Periodontics With Cd-Rom Free-Manual Of Clinical Periodontics by Shantipriya Reddy

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Periodontology is the study of the supporting structures of teeth (gums, bones and cement-like substance that hold the teeth, and the periodontal ligament); and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that affect them.

This fifth edition has been fully revised to provide dental students with the most recent advances in periodontology. Beginning with an introduction to the normal periodontium and classification and epidemiology of periodontal diseases, the following chapters provide in depth discussion on the periodontal pathology and the diagnosis and treatment of different types of periodontal disease.

In addition to extensive referencing and numerous clinical photographs, diagrams and tables, this comprehensive guide includes a DVD ROM demonstrating procedures in periodontal surgery.

The accompanying free booklet, Manual of Clinical Periodontics (9789352702237), provides case histories, instruments and viva voce questions to help students prepare for examinations.

Key points

  • Fully revised new edition presenting latest advances in periodontology
  • Includes DVD ROM demonstrating surgical procedures
  • Accompanying free booklet provides case histories and viva voce questions
  • Previous edition (9789351522430) published in 2014