HIGHER ALGEBRA by Hall ; Knight (Author) Arihant

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The “Classic Text Series” is a collection of books written by the most famous mathematicians of their time and has been proven over the years as the most preferred concept-building tool to learn mathematics. Arihant’s imprints of these books are a way of presenting these timeless classics.

Compiled by Hall & Knight, the book “Higher Algebra” has been updated and deals with the modern treatment of complex concepts of Algebra. Formulated as per the latest syllabus, this complete preparatory guide is compiled with detailed theories, and a good collection of examples for an in-depth understanding of the concepts.

The unique features accumulated in this book are:

1. Complete coverage of syllabus in 35 Chapters
2. Theorems and examples are introduced to students
3. Enormous Examples for an in-depth understanding of topics
4. Works as an elementary textbook to build concepts
5. Chapterwise study notes, Miscellaneous Examples, and Answers


Ratio, Proportion, Variation, Arithmetical Progression, Geometrical Progression, Harmonical Progression Theorems Connected With The Progression, Scales Of Notation, Surds & Imaginary Quantities, The Theory Of Quadratic Equations, Miscellaneous Equations, Permutations & Combinations, Mathematical Induction, Binomial Theorem Positive Integral Index, Binomial Theorem Any Index, Multinomial Theorem, Logarithms, Exponential & Logarithmic Series, Interest And Annuities, Inequalities, Limiting Values & Vanishing Fractions, Convergency And Divergency Of Series, Undetermined Coefficients, Partial Fractions, Recurring Series, Continued Fractions, Indeterminate Equations Of The First Degree, Recurring Continued Fractions, Indeterminate Equations Of Second Degree, Summation Of Series, Theory Of Numbers, The General Theory Of Continued Fractions, Probability, Determinants, Miscellaneous Theorems & Examples, Theory Of Equations, Miscellaneous Examples, Answers

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