Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology & Sexually Transmitted Diseases – by Neena Khanna (Author)

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It is a simplified, brief description of common dermatoses, peppered with numerous clinical and histopathology images (about 750), body and line diagrams (about 100) and tables (about 100). The basic aim of the book is to familiarize medical students (and general practitioners) with manifestations of the common skin conditions they are likely to encounter in their day-to-day practice and to help them to manage these appropriately, without succumbing to the morbid temptation of prescribing steroids, which are often thought to be ‘panacea of all skin ills’.

• Revised and updated, while retaining the main features of the book.
• More images: since Dermatology is a visual speciality, some text has been pruned to accommodate about 100 new pictures.
• Appendix on structure and function of skin.
• New treatment modalities including ‘biologicals’ have been included in the chapter “Treatment of Skin Diseases”.
• Recent WHO/CDC/NACO guidelines have been incorporated in the chapter “Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV Infection”.