Problems In GENERAL PHYSICS Paperback – by IE Irodov (Author) Arihant


The “Classic Text Series” is a collection of books written by the most famous mathematicians of their time and has been proven over the years as the most preferred concept-building tool to learn mathematics. Arihant’s imprints of these books are a way of presenting these timeless classics.

Compiled by IE IRODOV, the book “Problems in General Physics” has been updated and deals with the modern treatment of complex concepts of General Physics. Formulated as per the latest syllabus, this complete preparatory guide is accumulated with 1900 Problems, Solutions, and hints for solving the most complicated ones to enhance problem-solving skills.

The unique features accumulated in this book are:

1. Complete syllabus is divided in 6 parts and further into chapters
2. Each chapter contains a summary of principal formulas related to physics
3. Explanatory notes are provided to deeply understand concepts
4. Hints and complete solutions are given for all questions
5. Quantitative data and answers are presented as per approximation and numerical accuracy rules.
6. Physical constants and tables are summarized at the end of the book
7. Works as an elementary textbook to build concepts


Part 1- Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics, Part 2- Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics, Part 3- Electrodynamics, Part 4- Oscillations and Waves, Part 5- Optics, Part 6- Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Answers and Solutions, Appendices

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