The Elements of COORDINATE GEOMETRY Part-1 Cartesian Coordinates – S L Loney Arihant


The “Classic Text Series” is a collection of books written by the most famous mathematicians of their time and has been proven over the years as the most preferred concept-building tool to learn mathematics. Arihant’s imprints of these books are a way of presenting these timeless classics.

Known as the early influencer on Ramanujan, SL LONELY was a great mathematician from 1800. The book “Coordinate Geometry” has been updated and deals with the modern treatment of complex concepts of Coordinate Geometry. Formulated as per the latest syllabus, this complete preparatory guide is compiled with detailed theories and a good collection of examples for an in-depth
understanding of the concepts.

The unique features accumulated in this book are:

1. Complete coverage of syllabus in 17 Chapters
2. Covers all the aspects of Cartesian and Polar Coordinates
3. Enormous Examples for an in-depth understanding of topics
4. Works as an elementary textbook to build concepts
5. Chapterwise study notes, Answers


Chapter 1- Introduction, Chapter 2- Coordinates, Chapter 3- Locus, Chapter 4- The Straight Line Rectangular Coordinates, Chapter 5- The Straight Line Polar Equations & Oblique Coordinates, Chapter 6- Equations Representing Two Or More Straight Lines, Chapter 7- Transformation Of Coordinates, Chapter 8- The Circle, Chapter 9- Systems of Circles, Chapter 10- Conic Sections. The Parabola, Chapter 11- The Parabola (Continued), Chapter 12- The Ellipse, Chapter 13- The Hyperbola, Chapter 14- Polar
Equation To A Conic, Chapter 15- General Equation. Tracing Of Curves, Chapter 16- General Equation, Chapter 17- Miscellaneous Propositions, Answers

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