Arihant All In One Political Science Class 12th Based On Latest NCERT For CBSE Exams 2025

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Presenting the fully revised and updated edition of Arihant’s All-In-One for 2024-25. This comprehensive study guide provides all the necessary tools to understand the concepts, practice them and assess one’s progress. The present edition of Political Science for class 12 is designed to enhance the learning experience for students. Tailored to align with the CBSE syllabus, this book offers a range of key features, including in this chapter, complete theory, comprehensive Mind Map and Competency-Based Questions for effective practice. Besides this, check points incorporates questions in between the theory to assess step-by-step learning. Also in each chapter, NCERT Folder, Chapter Practice, and Self-Assessment are given for practice. Aligned with the probable exam pattern, it also includes CBSE Examination Paper 2024, latest sample question paper, 3 sample question papers and Diksha App Questions for thorough preparation. This book presents the entire NCERT Textbook in a logical and accessible manner, enabling students to immerse themselves fully in their studies.

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